ABC Foods is the official distributor of Yardley since 2014. Established in London in 1770, The House of Yardley is synonymous with international style, elegance and quality. A leader and household name in the South African Personal Care categories, Yardley continues to offer an extensive range of on-trend fragrances, deodorants and skincare.

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Yardley English Blazer

Yardley English Blazer was launched in 1991 for the modern gentleman. The English Blazer range is famous for its sophisticated fragrances and is a perfect everyday choice for men.  Available in:
  • Deodorant and Roll-On available in:
Product Deodorant Roll-On
Black 125ml 50ml
Premium 125ml n/a
Green Gold 125ml n/a
Gold 125ml 50ml
Red 125ml 50ml
Active Anti-Perspirant 125ml 50ml
Cool Anti- Perspirant 125ml 50ml
Fresh Anti Perspirant 125ml 50ml
Invisible Anti-Perspirant 125ml 50ml
  • Body Lotion and Cream available in:

Yardley Female

Yardley Gorgeous is designed as a modern fragrance with delicate heart. The Gorgeous range makes ordinary women feel beautiful and desirable and complement the heroic spirit inherent in all men. Designed for elegant and glamorous women. Available in:
  • Body Spray and Roll-On:
Product Body Spray Roll-On
Lace 90ml 50ml
Gorgeous 90ml 50ml
Gorgeous Gold 90ml n/a
Gorgeous in Bloom 90ml 50ml
Gorgeous in Cashmere 90ml 50ml
Gorgeous in Black 90ml n/a
Gorgeous in Love 90ml 50ml
White Satin 90ml 50ml