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Ardo Rice Veggies

The Ardo rice veggies consist of freshly chopped vegetables that can replace your rice on your plates. Ardo rice veggies is a healthy alternative to rice or other usual starchy foods, the latter is consumed in the same way as your traditional rice. It is advisable for people suffering from gluten intolerance, diabetes and the ones who wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Ardo rice veggies is available in 3 different flavours, namely the cauliflower rice veggies, green rice veggies and rainbow rice veggies. Available in different sizes:
  • Cauliflower Florets - 400g
  • Cauliflower Rice - 450g
  • Rainbow Riced Vegetables - 450g

Safari Potato Grills Vegan Range

Available in Vegan range: Safari potato grill chili, Hot & Sweet, Pizza & Sea salt.

Hand Cooked Potato Chips Vegan Range

Available in vegan range: Hunter’s Gourmet Black truffle 150gms & Hunter’s Gourmet Cherry tomatoes & Olive 150gms.

Ardo Vegan Range

This vegetarian burger is made from delicious vegetables and makes a great starter, side dish or a surprising vegan burger meal. The quinoa crust makes the burger deliciously crunchy. The vegetarian burger consist of Curly kale and precooked quinoa

Melbourne Vegan Range

Melbourne is available as Processed Cheddar Cheese Block and Sandwich Slices.

Almond Breeze Vegan Range

Almond Breeze is available in 6 different flavors that includes sweetened and unsweetened variants.

Good Hope Vegan Range

Available in 3 different flavors including sweetened & unsweetened variants.

Tablelands Vegan Range

Tablelands vegan range: Tablelands Olive Oil 500g & 1kg & Tablelands Dairy Free Buttery Spread 500g

Vitabella Gluten Free Range

  • Flakes
Corn flakes are made from Italian organic corn, which is steamed and toasted to make our crispy flakes low in fat and sodium. Multigrain High Fiber cereal is made from sun grown Italian organic whole grain rice and corn.
  • Pillows
Chocolate and hazelnuts filled pillows are the ideal breakfast alternative for a tasty start to your day, or a chocolaty yummy snack. Strawberry pillows served with or without milk make a delicious wat to start the day, or a healthy snack. Available in:
  • Bio Corn Flakes - 225g
  • Bio High Fibre Flakes - 300g
  • Bio Chocolate Pillows - 300g
  • Bio Strawberry Pillows - 300g