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Asian Drinks

The Yeo’s soft beverages are made with traditional recipes, which are blended to have the authentic taste. The traditional ready-to- go Asian drinks are perfect anytime for any occasion. Available in the different flavours:
  • Grass Jelly - 300ml
  • Grass Jelly Lychee - 300ml
  • Grass Jelly Winter Melon - 300ml
  • Lychee Drink - 300ml
  • Chrysanthemum Tea - 300ml
  • Iced Tea Lemon - 300ml

Chilli Sauce

Yeo’s Chilli Sauce is blended to suit diverse taste buds; using the spiciness of the chilli with a tinge of sweetness.  Yeo’s chilli sauce is available in four different flavours:
  • Hot chilli
  • Sweet chilli
  • Chilli garlic
  • Chilli ginger
Prima Mazavarou is a Mauritian chilli paste known for its spiciness.

Fish Sauce

Part of the Made in Moris label since 9th November 2021, Yeo’s fish sauce is a condiment made from fish widely used as seasoning for all your dishes. Today, our fish sauce is a must have in all Mauritian households. Ena Nou Lame Ladan! Available in the following Net: Fish Sauce: 150ml & 640ml  


Juscool drinks are lightly carbonated and refreshing. They are made with real fruit juice and contains less sugar and calories than regular carbonated drinks. Suitable for those who are health conscious, Juscool drinks are available in different flavours:
  • Sparkling Apple - 325ml
  • Sparkling Grape - 325ml
  • Sparkling Peach - 325ml

Soya Sauce

Yeo’s Soya Sauces are traditional soya sauces made from a recipe dating back over 100 years in China. Our Soy Sauces are brewed using traditional and natural fermentation process that take months before the soy sauce matures. Over the years, we have developed this unique savoir-faire and our Soy Sauces are now part of the Mauritian culinary traditions. Yeo’s range of soya sauce has obtained, since 9th November 2021, the Made in Moris label, certifying our Mauritian identity.  The soya sauces do not contain added preservatives. Ena Nou Lame Ladan! Available in the following Net:
  • Dark Soya Sauce: 150ml& 640ml
  • Light Soya Sauce: 150ml & 640ml
  • Mushroom Soya Sauce: 150ml, 640ml & 5L

Tomato Ketchup

Yeo’s tomato ketchup is best known for its delicious taste and is available in two different flavors: Tomato ketchup & hot ketchup. 

Yeo’s Food Stuff

Yeo’s Culinary Sauces are your kitchen’s best friend! Cook with these fuss-free, easy-to-cook sauces and delight your loved ones with some delicious authentic Asian meals anytime you want. Available in different flavors: Hoisin, Satay, Szechuan and Sweet & sour. Our Rice Vermicelli, also known as ‘Mee Foon’, is an essential kitchen food. It can be stir-fried using our Yeo’s culinary sauces or boiled to be used as an ingredient for your favourite soup. The instant Ezy-Cook noodles has become popular as a convenient food and is easy to cook, and can be served with vegetables or meat.

Yeo’s Other Sauces

Our canned prawns in spices is known for its flavoursome taste. Available in 2 different flavors, mild & hot, to meet the Mauritian Asian taste. Yeo’s pizza sauce is a sauce ideal for your perfect homemade pizza. Prima Tomato Puree is the perfect condiment for all tomato based sauces including your “Rougaille”. Prima and Pagoda Garlic Sauce is our range of garlic sauce to accompany your favorite dishes.