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Lenthéric I Love

Lenthéric I love was launched in August 2017. It was inspired to create bold fragrances, which are mostly love by trendy young and modern women. Available in aerosol deodorants, roll-on, body lotion and body cream. Available in:
  • Body Spray & Roll-On
Product Body Spray Roll-On
Musk 125ml 50ml
Vanilla 125ml 50ml
Candy 125ml 50ml
Flower 125ml 50ml
Tropical 125ml 50ml
  • Body Lotion & Cream
Product Lotion Cream
Vanilla 400ml 450ml
Candy 400ml 450ml
Cocoa 400ml n/a
Tropical 400ml n/a

Lenthéric Masculin

Lenthéric Masculin was launched in 2015, with strong and long-lasting fragrances. Made for the young and trendy man who likes to look stylish and whose appearance is important to him. Available in:
  • Deodorant & Roll-On
Product Deodorant Roll-On Eau de Toilette
Power 150ml 50ml 100ml
Intense 150ml 50ml 100ml
Bold 150ml 50ml 100ml
Extreme 150ml 50ml 100ml
Force 150ml 50ml n/a
Impact 150ml 50ml n/a
  • Body Lotion & Cream
Product Body Lotion Cream
Power 400ml n/a
Bold 400ml 450ml
Extreme 400ml 450ml
Force 400ml n/a