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ABC Foods is the official distributor of Dewlands in Mauritius since 2006. Made from sun-ripened fruits in South Africa, Dewlands juices have a large variety of exotic tropical flavours and contain no added sugars or artificial preservatives. Learn more about the brand: The Dewlands range encompasses not less than 12 different flavours, available in 1litre and 200ml bricks.  
Flavour Net Net
Orange Juice 1L 200ml
Apple Juice 1L 200ml
Peach Juice 1L n/a
Guava Juice 1L 200ml
Fruit Cocktail Juice 1L 200ml
Mango Juice 1L 200ml
Pineapple Juice 1L n/a
Premium Ruby Grapefruit Juice 1L n/a
Premium Red Grape Juice 1L n/a
Premium Litchi Juice 1L n/a
Premium Passion Fruit Juice 1L 200ml
Premium Mixed Berry Juice 1L 200ml