ABC Foods is the distributor of Molino Nicoli since 2018. Founded in 1869, Molino Nicoli is a family-owned business based in Italy that specializes in the manufacturing of breakfast cereals, bars and snacks. Using the traditional method of producing cereals, Molino Nicoli offers original, simple and healthy breakfast cereals. Our range of Molino Nicoli products includes corn flakes, kids’ cereals and Vitabella. 

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Nicoli flakes

Our corn flakes are crafted by toasting flakes of corn selected from origin-controlled Italian sources that doesn’t contain GMOs. Our Bran Flakes cereals are made from the outer part of the wheat grain and are rich in fibre, which encourages intestinal regularity. Available in:
  • Corn Flakes - 375g
  • Bran Flakes - 375g

Nicoli Kids

Goal Chocolate cereals are crunchy cereal shells that combine the simplicity of corn with the lightness of rice and the delightful sweetness of chocolate. Set Ball, are tasty cereal balls that combine the simplicity of corn and the lightness of rice with the sweet delight of chocolate. Cioko Rice cereals is the combined lightness of rice with the delightful sweetness of chocolate. Available in:
  • Goal Chocolate - 375g
  • Rice Cioko - 375g
  • Set Ball - 375g


  • Our corn flakes are made from Italian organic corn, which is steamed and toasted to make our crispy flakes low in fat and sodium.
  • Our multigrain High Fiber cereal are made from sun-grown Italian organic whole grain rice and corn.
  • Our chocolate and hazelnuts filled pillows are an ideal breakfast alternative for a tasty start to your day, or can be savoured as a yummy chocolaty snack.
  • Our strawberry pillows, served with or without milk, are a delicious way to start the day, or a can be consumed as a healthy snack.