ABC Foods is the official distributor of Liguori in Mauritius since 2012. Founded in 1795, Liguori is specialised in the manufacturing of pasta products. Liguori is present in more than 40 countries both in the Retail and HORECA channel. 

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Liguori pasta

Liguori Pasta di Gragnano P.G.I. is available in different shapes;
  • Liguori spaghetti - 500g
  • Linguine - 500g
  • Vermicelli - 500g
  • Penne Rigate - 500g
  • Fusilli - 500g
  • Farfalle - 500g
  • Elbows Chifferini - 500g
  • Maccheroni Rigati - 500g

Liguori pasta bio

Liguori Bio Pasta di Gragnano P.G.I. is processed with respect for the environment. It is guaranteed by triple certifications: Organic agriculture, Protected Geographical Certification and 100% Italian Traceability. They are available in different variants:
  • Spaghetti - 500g
  • Fusilli - 500g
  • Penne Rigate - 500g