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Hand Cooked Potato Chips

The Hunter’s Gourmet Hand Cooked potato chips are premium quality snacks produced in Dubai. They are prepared using the very best quality potatoes, sourced for their superior taste and distinctive crunch, that are cut into thicker slices and cooked by hand in sunflower oil. Available in the following flavours:
  • Chilli Chutney - 125g
  • Sea Salt - 125g
  • Sea Salt & Black Pepper - 125g

Quinoa Chips

The Hunter’s Gourmet Quinoa Chips are wavy, harvest-golden chips full of the goodness of the ancient grain, Quinoa, one of the superfoods that the Incas referred to as “Mother of All Grains”. They are so simple and yet so tasty. These chips are completely gluten, MSG and GMO free, contain no artificial colours, and suitable for vegans! Available in the following flavours:
  • Chilli Salsa - 75g
  • Jalapeno & Cheddar - 75g
  • Peruvian Salt - 75g
  • Salt & Vinegar - 75g

Safari Potato Grills

Our newly re-branded and re-launched Hunter Foods’ latticed “Safari Chips” have been such a part of growing up in the 80s and 90s in Dubai, UAE. They are “THE” go-to chips for the kids and many adults! They are just as tasty, crunchy, satisfying and having more moreish flavours than ever! Available in the following flavours:
  • Salt - 60g
  • Chilli - 60g
  • Hot & Sweet - 60g
  • Cheese - 60g
  • Sour Cream - 60g
  • Pizza - 60g