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Gluten free bars

Our granola bars are a great snack that contains the best combination of gluten free cereals. Available in different flavours:
  • Blueberry - 140g
  • Chocolate Chip - 125g
  • Dark Chocolate - 125g
  • Fruit Mix - 140g
  • Peanut Butter - 140g


Müsli is a natural source of beta glucans that helps to lower cholesterol and is rich in fibre from oat flakes. In addition, our muesli does not contain palm oil or added colours. Available in different flavours:
  • Chocolate & Hazelnuts - 375g
  • Fruit Pieces - 375g
  • Hazelnuts - 375g
  • Honey Nuts - 375g
  • Raspberries & Blueberries - 375g
  • Strawberry & Almonds - 375g

Nut Bars

Emco nuts bars are full of nuts, like peanuts & Almonds that are blended with the delicious combination of different flavours like: Honey, Cranberry, Pistachio & dark chocolate and Cashew & dark chocolate. The bars are gluten and palm oil free, perfect as a delicious snack! Available in:
  • Nuts & Cashew - 35g
  • Nuts & Cranberry - 35g
  • Nuts & Honey - 35g
  • Nuts & Pistachio - 35g
  • Nuts & Honey (Multipack) - 105g
  • Nuts & Pistachio (Multipack) - 105g


Oat flakes are natural source of fibre and helps to lower cholesterol thanks to its high beta glucans content. Our Emco oats are palm oil free, do not contain added sugar, and are ideal for vegans as they do not contain milk. Emco oats are available in four variations:
  • Barley Flakes - 250g
  • Bio Oat Flakes (Small Leaves) - 400g
  • Instant White Oats - 500g
  • Oat Bran (Whole Grain) - 250g
  • Oat Meal Chocolate -275g
  • Oat Meal Strawberry - 275g
  • Oats Flakes (Small Leaves & Big Leaves) -  500g