ABC Foods is the official distributor of Bakers biscuits in Mauritius since 1957. Made with the finest ingredients and a touch of magic, Bakers biscuits are baked using generous helpings of only the finest ingredients and have become part of every generation’s childhood memories. Bakers biscuits remain a favourite in the lives and homes of Mauritians: with a product range of over 30 different types of biscuits, Bakers is amongst the best-loved savoury and sweet, biscuits and crackers in the country.

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Bakers GMB Range

BAKERS® Good Morning gives you a source of fibre with wheat, barley, oats and rye; and is high in energy to give you a great start! It’s an on-the-go solution to fuel your morning! Available in boxes of 300g and mini sachets of 50g with different flavours: Mixed berries, Chocolate, Milk & Cereals and Peach & Apricot.

Blue Label Marie

Even after 120 years BAKERS Blue Label® Marie biscuits are still amongst the highest selling biscuits in the country, and are enjoyed as much today as they have always been. Available flavours are:
  • Original - 200g & 40g
  • Caramel - 200g

Choc Kits

Bakers Chockits® are chocolate oat biscuits that are also known as the Can’t-Resist-It-Biscuit! Available variants are:
  • Original - 200g
  • Mint - 200g
  • Vanilla Chocolate - 200g
  • Cappuccino - 200g
  • Chockits - 200g
  • Chockits White Chocolate - 200g


The BAKERS cracker range consists of the crisp, light and flaky Bakers Cream Crackers® and the slow-baked Provita® Crackerbread. Available in:
  • Cream Crackers - 200g
  • Crackerbread Wheat - 125g
  • Crackerbread Maize - 125g

Eet Sum Mor

BAKERS Eet-Sum-Mor® was named by the Bakersman® and once you had eaten one you wanted to eat some more. Available flavours are:
  • Original - 200g
  • Chocolate Chip - 200g

Mini Cheddars

The bite-sized on-the-go snack that’s big on flavour! Let your inner cheese-monster loose with BAKERS Mini Cheddars®, the tastiest, crispiest, cheesiest, any-time snack on the run! Available flavours are:
  • Fruit Chutney - 33g
  • Cheese & Onion - 33g

Provita Range

BAKERS Provita® Crispbread is made with love from the finest sun-kissed wheat and is a convenient and tasty biscuit. It is also high in fibre, low GI and contains less than 100 Calories per serving. Available flavours are:
  • Whole-wheat - 250g & 500g
  • Multigrain - 250g
  • Ancient grain - 250g

Red Label Range

BAKERS Red Label® are a range of cream biscuits known for their flavoursome taste. Available in the following flavours:
  • Lemon - 200g
  • Vanilla - 200g
  • Chocolate - 200g
  • Mint- 200g

Romany Creams

Named for the Romany people, BAKERS Romany Creams® have since become a household name. A perfect pairing of chocolate and coconut, these delicious treats are available in the following flavours: Classic Choc, Mint Choc, Vanilla Choc and Cappuccino.


Bakers Tennis biscuits are prepared by mixing flour, eggs, milk, coconut, syrup and a touch of BAKERS® magic! Available flavours are:
  • Original - 200g
  • Caramel - 200g
  • Chocolate Mint - 200g


Bakers Topper® are sandwich cream biscuits perfect with your tea. Available flavours are:
  • Chocolate - 125g
  • Raspberry - 125g
  • Vanilla - 125g
  • Custard - 125g
  • Mint Choc - 125g
  • Lemon - 125g
Mini Toppers
  • Chocolate - 50g
  • Mint - 50g