ABC Foods is the official distributor of Ardo in Mauritius since 2017. Ardo is one of the largest frozen fruit, vegetable and carbohydrate (potato, rice and pasta) producers in the world. Ardo’s mission is to preserve nature’s gifts as much as possible and to turn them into delicious end products.

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Ardo Burger

This vegetarian burger is made from delicious vegetables and makes a great starter, side dish or a surprising vegan burger meal. The quinoa crust makes the burger deliciously crunchy. The vegetarian burger consists of Curly kale and precooked quinoa.
  • Available in 300g

Ardo Mono & Mix Vegetables

Ardo fresh frozen vegetables retain most of their nutritional value because they are frozen very quickly after harvesting. That makes their colour, texture and taste richer than those of fresh vegetables, and they also contain more vitamins. They help you save a lot of time and energy in the kitchen. Ardo vegetables are pre-washed and pre-cut, so they only need to be defrosted, heated up or prepared. What’s more, they are easily portionable – just prepare what you need, and put the rest back in the freezer: the perfect way to avoid food waste. Available in different sizes:
  • Asparagus Green - 1kg
  • Block Leaf Spinach - 2.5kg
  • Blueberries - 1kg
  • Broccoli Florets - 400g
  • Cauliflower A Grade - 2.5kg
  • Cauliflower Florets - 400g
  • Cauliflower Rice - 450g
  • Chopped Spinach - 2.5kg
  • Cut Green Bean - 400g
  • Garden Peas (Medium) - 400g
  • Garden Peas/Carrots - 400g
  • Green Riced Vegetables - 450g
  • Kernel Corn - 400g
  • Mixed Vegetables - 2.5kg
  • Mixed Vegetables - 400g & 2.5kg
  • Rainbow Riced Vegetables - 450g
  • Whole Bean Extra Fine - 2.5kg
  • Wok Mix - 400g

Ardo Rice Veggies

The Ardo rice veggies consist of freshly chopped vegetables that can replace your rice on your plates. Ardo rice veggies is a healthy alternative to rice or other usual starchy foods, the latter is consumed in the same way as your traditional rice. It is advisable for people suffering from gluten intolerance, diabetes and the ones who wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Ardo rice veggies is available in 3 different flavours, namely the cauliflower rice veggies, green rice veggies and rainbow rice veggies. Available in different sizes:
  • Cauliflower Florets - 400g
  • Cauliflower Rice - 450g
  • Rainbow Riced Vegetables - 450g