Liguori Spaghetti alla chitarra with octopus

Prep Time   : 50 min
Cook Time  : 40 min
Servings      : 4 people


I 350 g Spaghetti alla chitarra
I 7503 octopus
I 500 g Tomato sauce
I 1/2 glass White wine
I 2 cloves garlic
I 1 Small chilli pepper


A few simple ingredients and a very easy preparation for a king’s first course. Spaghetti alla chitarra with octopus sauce is a dish of the oldest Mediterranean tradition that always amazes, for the simplicity of execution and the extraordinary flavor, the result of the union of 3 characteristic elements of the good Italian cuisine: pasta, tomato and fish.

Clean and wash the octopus carefully, divide them minutes so that the sauce becomes dark and
into 4 parts and leave some for the presentation dense, just like a meat sauce. When cooked,
of the plate. Brown the crushed garlic with 3 remove the lid and leave to rest for a few minutes,
tablespoons of oil, as soon as it becomes golden, keeping the musky octopus aside. Salt and bring
remove it, add the octopus, brown, fade with the water to the boil, cook the spaghetti for 12
white wine and add the tomato sauce, which you minutes or 10 if you prefer al dente. Drain them,
can also replace with peeled tomatoes. Salt, add let them gain flavor in the sauce. Add the octopus the chilli pepper in the desired quantity and cover that you have set aside and turn off the heat with the lid, cooking over low heat for about 40.

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